Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Insurance Policies Protect Assets for Medicaid

Insurers will begin offering Oregon residents a new kind of long-term care insurance policy after January 1st 2008, that will allow them to protect their assets if they ever need to apply for Medicaid.

Too Late: Insured Teen Dies After CIGNA Insurance Delays Approval ...

There isn't much more horrible than watching your child die. Reported in today's news is the case of 17-year old Nataline Sarkisyan. She died after her health insurance, CIGNA, refused to approve a liver transplant.

California Assembly Passes Health Insurance Bill on to the Senate

With a vote of 45 to 31, the California State Assembly passed on to the California Senate the health care reform initiative of Speaker Nunez and Governor Schwarzenegger.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Can someone tell me where I can get insurance for my Treo 750?

Terrorism insurance bill hits stalemate

Lobbyists left frozen in limbo because Democratic chairmen stand firm behind their separate bills.

Mold Insurance Coverage for Homeowners

A new bill soon be introduced to Congress called the "Melina Bill", may solve mold problems for homeowners. The bill will create a national insurance program that will protect homeowners against losses from mold.

Does health insurance make you sick?

The rising cost of health care is making people financially sick. Even people who get insurance through their jobs, are having trouble coping with higher costs.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Small businesses still have options for insurance

By KALEY LYON Hays Daily News About 30 members of the Hays Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors ...

A Guide To Online Health Insurance Quotes

It is a fact that people in the 25-34 age group often don’t have health insurance. This is not because they can’t afford it, but is because they think that since they are young and healthy, they don’t need insurance.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company named the 'General ...

ICICI Lombard, India's leading private sector general insurer has been awarded the prestigious 'General Insurance Company of the year' at the 11th Asia Insurance Industry Awards 2007 ceremony held at Singapore.


Dear International Students,. There will be a meeting about Private Health Insurance(Axa Oyak) at Cultural and Convention Center, A Hall, on October 31 2007 Wednesday, at 15:30 pm.

Free Online Car Insurance Quote Make It Easy By Being Prepared

Gavin Bloom. You can shop all day and night online for car insurance or you can be prepared and save time. Online car insurance quotes are as complete and accurate as the information that you provide.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Term Life Insurance with Money Back

Return-of-Premium (ROP) term life insurance has become very popular. It’s no wonder. You can get all your premium payments back if you’re alive and well at the end of the policy term. By Mary Pollman – SelectQuote Ah, simplicity.

If you have never priced and applied for private insurance…

Hahahahahahaha, hahaha, stop it, you’re KILLING me! Literally. …then you are utterly unqualified to suggest that others should do the same.

What Role Does Your California Health Insurance Agent Or Broker Play?

First, what is the difference between a broker and an agent? These terms are often interchanged in conversation.

New Options For Finding Affordable Health And Life Insurance announces a new free service to help individuals find and obtain affordable health and life insurance.

Auto Insurance Coverage You Should Have

There are many different types of auto insurance coverage offered by auto insurance companies. Some of these coverage types like bodily injury and property damage liability are required by law.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jul 30, Term Life Insurance Superiority - Myth or Truth?

The raging fires of the debate as to whether term life insurance is superior to permanent life insurance have cooled somewhat even though some so called experts hold fast to their beliefs.

Health Insurance

It looks like I will finally have Health Insurance again. I will be covered starting October 1st. It apparently is a hassle to get. They want to meet with you and see that you are not a lunatic.

How will insurance companies swerve around the ULIP ban?

When the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, or IRDA, decided to ban unit linked insurance products, or ULIPs, the insurance companies under the spotlight didn\’t realise what they had coming. Open News Site. Share This.

Travel Insurance: Takes Care of Any Worries During Travel

On another insurance on similar lines is the travel insurance. This is a known fact that the chances of mishaps increase when you are traveling because you are moving out of the safety of your house.

Equity Research Analyst, China Insurance Sector

Hong Kong | Permanent. Working closely with other team members, the business analyst/associate will:.

Insurance Coverage

Hi, I am considering the Lap Band. I am going to a seminar in two days. I was wondering about insurance coverage for the band.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drug companies and Insurance companies

Forum: Main Forum Posted By: laura99 Post Time: 07-31-2007 at 08:46 PM.

Insurance Litigation Legal Assistant

Vancouver (Vertical Bridge Corporate Consulting Inc.), Don?t let this opportunity pass you by!

Insurance Quotes Auto

Choosing the Right Auto Insurance for You- How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?

Dubai health insurance law

Dubai's new health insurance law is expected to take six months to formulate, according to Gulf News. The proposed plan, which follows Abu Dhabi's universal health insurance scheme, will cover UAE nationals, residents and visitors.

Getting A Car Insurance In The Philippines

While I do agree that if we can afford it, we should get insured in preparation for incase something 'bad' or 'unexpexted' occurs. However, not all things are worth getting insured for. Take for example car insurance.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Best Web Design for Insurance Company

I did some research today (briefly) on Pet Insurance when I came across Petplan Australia. Anyone who's applied for insurance online knows that it's a time consuming schlep.

Big Pharma and Health Insurance Companies Go After Michael Moore-Video

it’s not limited to Michael Moore either. The 9/11 first responders that Moore took to Cuba in a pivotal scene in the movie are worried that they’ll be persecuted as well.” read more | digg story.

I REALLY hope you have health insurance...

In the comments at the end of my first blog after a stay in the hospital for pneumonia was this wish from Susan B. “Welcome back, Beth.

Insurance and books on Friday announced his approval of the affair ...

Insurance and books on Friday announced his approval of the affair of insurance quote in moments to do you think you through the extra Auto insurance article will obtain a major insurance information?


is there anyway i can cover my meizu with insurance? i want to be safe for anything that could happen. i live in the us.

Discord erupts over bill to review merger of Pa. insurance giants

The state Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would give state regulators authority to review the proposed merger of Pennsylvania's two largest health insurers, but the governor threatened a veto...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Travel Pet Insurance

By Joseph Kenny Recent changes to the UK’s quarantine laws mean that it is now possible for you to obtain a pet passport (under the government’s ‘passport for pets’ scheme) and take your family pet away with you on holiday.

Insurance and automobiles

Hi! I need some information about insurance of my automobile. Thanks for any help!

Choosing the right insurance company

AN INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENCY, such as Choice Insurance of Arizona, represents multiple insurance carriers. This gives us the ability to "shop around" to find lower rates. WE USE ONLY "A" RATED INSURANCE CARRIERS.

What's The Lowdown On Variable Universal Life Insurance?

If permanent insurance with flexible premiums and options is important to you, youll want to choose a variable universal life insurance policy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Irony in the insurance space

Here is a list of top 5 adwords on Googles adsense program (sep ,2006 information) $82.92 - austin dwi $78.01 - school loan consolidation $76.54 - college loan consolidation $74.93 - car insurance quotes $74.78 - auto insurance quotes ...

Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premium

12 tips to pay less in auto insurance. Some unexpected factors play a role in how much you pay in premiums.

Australia’s US insurance policy

I seem to be changing my mind a lot. But perhaps I’m becoming more libertarian by the day. I’ve decided the US was wrong to go into Iraq. But that doesn’t really help me, sitting here in Australia.

Continental Casualty Company v. Kemper Insurance Company (Ct. of ...

Filed April 2, 2007. Opinion by Judge J. Frederick Sharer. From the official headnote:.

Insurance Account Executive ( Helena, MT US )

Insurance Account Executive - Western States Insurance Agency's Helena branch is currently looking for an experienced Account Executive for Personal Insurance products.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Prudential Homeowners Insurance

prudential homeowners insurance. Columbus Life Insurance Companycolumbus life insurance companyThe World Wide Web can be a busy and crowded place when you are looking for good information on columbus life insurance company .

The Benefits of Learning the Basics of Auto Insurance Before You Buy

What are the Benefits of Learning the Basics Before You Buy Auto Insurance? Here are a few benefits that you might realize from becoming a well-educated insurance shopper in Austin, Texas:. The Right Insurance for You.

Beijing Hotel and Travel Insurance [Lonely Planet]

Hi everyone,I have two specific but unrelated questions for this post. I would love to hear your suggestions if you have an answer for either one.1) Recommendations for travel insurance company/site.

Insurance Broker Denver

Ever wondered how to insurance broker denver . We offer practical advice on cheap travel health insurance and annual cheap holiday insurance travel uk to help you find reliable leads on insurance broker denver , fast and cheap.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Central America Travel Insurance Policies

Getting travel insurance before traveling to Central America is a smart idea. All-inclusive travel insurance policies cover trip cancellation and even medical and theft circumstances.

Can You Really Do Without A Life Insurance?

Life insurance or no insurance, and if yes, how much and for how long-this question must have done several rounds in your family.

Oct 16, Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance - is a simple and affordable way to ensure your beneficiary financial security in the event that you die within the...

The ProSchools Blog Presents “The Insurance Educator”

Since it’sa new year, I thought it appropriate to introduce the latest addition to the ProSchools Insurance Blog.