Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Insurance Policies Protect Assets for Medicaid

Insurers will begin offering Oregon residents a new kind of long-term care insurance policy after January 1st 2008, that will allow them to protect their assets if they ever need to apply for Medicaid.

Too Late: Insured Teen Dies After CIGNA Insurance Delays Approval ...

There isn't much more horrible than watching your child die. Reported in today's news is the case of 17-year old Nataline Sarkisyan. She died after her health insurance, CIGNA, refused to approve a liver transplant.

California Assembly Passes Health Insurance Bill on to the Senate

With a vote of 45 to 31, the California State Assembly passed on to the California Senate the health care reform initiative of Speaker Nunez and Governor Schwarzenegger.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Can someone tell me where I can get insurance for my Treo 750?

Terrorism insurance bill hits stalemate

Lobbyists left frozen in limbo because Democratic chairmen stand firm behind their separate bills.

Mold Insurance Coverage for Homeowners

A new bill soon be introduced to Congress called the "Melina Bill", may solve mold problems for homeowners. The bill will create a national insurance program that will protect homeowners against losses from mold.

Does health insurance make you sick?

The rising cost of health care is making people financially sick. Even people who get insurance through their jobs, are having trouble coping with higher costs.